Sale conditions

•    Application
These general conditions of sale are applicable to all products marketed by ONEGASTRO, Lda and are an integral part of the contract for the sale and supply of goods or services to be made with the customer.
•    Orders
All deliveries are subject to a previous order which shows the complete identification of the company, the intended material (nature and quantity), the place of delivery and name and contact number of the person to whom the material is to be delivered.
•    Prices
The prices on this site have information with and without VAT and should be considered in the warehouse, at the time of despatch. Prices, trade information and technical characteristics are subject to change without notice.
•    Packing
The goods are placed at the customer's disposal in the original packaging. A package other than that mentioned, or upon request, will be charged to the customer separately.
•    Transport
The client assumes all the risks inherent in the transportation of the goods, and it is the responsibility of the client to provide such insurance as he deems convenient. All deliveries made at the customer's request will be debited separately and must be checked upon arrival, and any anomaly must be reported on the transport ticket, otherwise it will not be accepted.
•    Checking Account
Only supplies will be made in credit to customers who have previously requested to ONEGASTRO Lda and to whom it has been approved.
•    Credit limit / Payment period
Each client will have their credit limit and payment term, which may eventually be revised. If the credit limit is exceeded, the customer is obliged to pay the surplus immediately, if the payment period is exceeded, the account will be blocked until it is settled.
•    Discounts
The discounts granted will only be on the goods. In cases where specific supply proposals are made, other conditions may apply. Any extra rebate granted will be withdrawn to annual abseiling programs.
•    Payments
Payments must be made within the stipulated period for each customer, and any delays from the due date will imply the payment of interest for late payment at the legal rate at the applicable date, as well as the suspension of all orders and all supplies even on a cash payment basis.
•    Ownership of merchandise
All goods that are unpaid or up to full payment will be owned by ONEGASTRO Lda. Non-payment of the goods implies their collection or removal from the place where they are installed or stored. The costs of such collection or removal will be charged to the customer.
•    Claims
Complaints must be presented in writing clearly and briefly specifying their purpose.
•    Returns
Material returns, with minimum stock indication, will be accepted, provided that they are made within 8 days from the date of delivery, in the original packaging, inviolate, and duly justified. No refund of goods ordered will be accepted.
•   Jurisdiction
In the event of a dispute, the court of the District of Sintra shall have jurisdiction.

1 of January 2020